3 excellent values scotch whiskies that will delight your friends, palate and wallet.

3 excellent values scotch whiskies that will delight your friends, palate and wallet.

You love whisky, but sometimes your favorite elixir can become a bit pricey when it comes to your budget and especially when you have friends over.  Here are my 3 favorites picks at a decent price.

James Eadie Trademark X, a heritage elegant blended scotch whisky at 69,75 CAD$ – to be discovered.

James Eadie’s secret: « an extraordinary blend requires only three things: « exceptional whiskies, carefully selected wood, and years of expertise ».

This new blend is actually an old story that began in 1854 when James Eadie, a Scottish man with a strong roots of brewing and distilling in his blood, decided to open his own brewery. He had soon after several pubs spread all across Scotland and naturally started making his own scotch that was available on his pubs’ Menus. This is when Trade Mark « X «  became very popular.

Decades thereafter,  like many great names from that time, Trade Mark did not survice into the 21st Century.

In 2015, James Eadie’s great-great grandson decided to investigate his great-great grandfather past and to re-create his blend which was so popular in the old times. James Eadie being a very meticulous man made the detailed recipe easily found. Only whiskies that he used to buy from have been used in the new Trade Mark « X » including some which have long ceased production. It was released in 2017.

An Elegant, lightly peated dram which reminds us that blends have nothing to envy to single malt in term of complexity and elegance.

A blend to be enjoyed with friends on a spring afternoon outside in the garden.

Tullibardine Sovereign Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a whisky wearing proudly the royal charter 65 CAD$

“We are getting to the stage where Tullibardine is now becoming one of the true great single malts of Scotland”  Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2008.

When King James IV of Scotland stopped in Blackford in 1488, he purchased a beer from the local brewery who was known for producing fine beer due to the water coming from the surrounding Ochil hills. In 1503, the king granted the brewery a royal charter.

In 1947 the brewery became a distillery and was named after a small medieval chapel nearby, Tullibardine meaning « lookout hill » in Gaelic.

Sovereign was Matured in first fill Bourbon barrels for about 6 – 7 years.

This is a lovely, balanced whisky, exhibiting barley, pear drops and creamy chocolate notes, which develop on the palate with a lingering finish.

The perfect companion for an evening dram near the fireplace with a good book on a cold winter night.

I love all Tullibardine whiskies, the best value I know right now for a very good single malt at a very decent price! Do not hesitate to try their range of wood finish which is sovereign aged an additional year in Burgundy cask, Sauternes cask and Sherry cask.

Té Bheag Gaelic Blended Scotch Whisky, a very affordable blend with a strong Scottish culture at 40 CAD$.

Sir Lain Noble was a very passionate man and a strong defender of the gaelic culture in Scotland. He indeed founded a college in Gaelic language on the island of Skye where his distillery is located.

Té Bheag is a Gaelic word that means “wee dram” in English. This blended scotch reminds us of the rich and livly unique scottish culture that mostly disapeared after the Culloden battle in 1746.

This is a very well made blend at a very affordable price, ideal for those of you who are curious about whisky and just starting out. But, chosen for a long time by the connoiseurs as a basic for their cellars.

Fresh with a citrus note, a delicate peatiness and a light touch of cereal. On the palate, slightly creamy with a toffee-like richness and a delicate peaty note.

Perfect for a party and long night out with friends.


Now you have three great options to try in the next few months! Let me know how it was by commenting below.



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