You may be dreaming of having a real adventure in a beautiful vineyard, far away from the tourists crowd…

Enjoying great food and wine in beautiful nature with good company. Horseback riding in a stunning vineyard by the sea. Tasting wine made as we used to do it a hundred years ago. Speaking with the winemaker and sharing unique stories with him…

But you’re not an expert, or you don’t know anything about wine and vineyards and you have no idea where to start to have this kind of experience. Or, you don’t have any time to organize such a trip! And even if you do have, how could you be sure to have the nest?

And maybe you would love to get to know more about wine!! Not as an expert, but just understanding it enough to appreciate it even better!

Imagine just for a moment … You’ve got all your answers in one place. Don’t look for them anymore.

AdventureIntoFlavours is all about this.


I’m Val, French, passionate about wine, spirits and traveling.

This passion is my life.

I’ve lived in 8 countries over the last decade and I’m still craving to see the world!

My siblings and friends describe me as an explorer, enthusiastic, adventurous, passionate, dynamic, optimistic, sociable person and it is really who I am.

I love life and that’s why I love wine because it represents all that I love about life.

To me, wine is like a friend. Through wine, you:

  • Meet great people! Yes, there are so many great people behind and around wine; the winemaker, the wine-seller, the cook, the sommelier, and you wonderful people who enjoy having wine!
  • Celebrate life! Yes, don’t you have wine when you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, Christmas, or a graduation?
  • Eat great food! Yup, wine without food is not really wine, don’t you agree with me?
  • See the world! Yes, wine is international, with it you discover new countries and regions, along with their history and culture…

and wine is still alive, in its bottle waiting for the best day to be drunk and you can wait for years for it!!

It’s been more than 10 years that I’m working in the wine industry. In France and oversea; in a marketing department or on sales; as a brand ambassador, brand manager or export manager.

I’m a passionate traveler and wherever I go I always try to find the most unique vineyard, meet with the winemaker and also to find the best restaurant in town, or wine bar.

So you see? I’m a great ambassador to help you discover and live amazing experiences around wine anywhere in the world!

As a music lover, I’m releasing each season a Music & Wine pairing just for fun! Enjoy it!

Are you ready to write the story of a fantastic adventure with wine, starting today?