Why do I need to age my wine? How should I store it?

Why do I need to age my wine? How should I store it?

Aging WineThis is a great question! When you love wine, you may go and visit these beautiful vineyards all around the world. You go back home with, of course, many bottles of the wines you loved. Then you’re wondering, “Should I drink it now or should I keep it? If I keep it, for how long? Is there is a good way to store it?”

I’m saying yes, definitely!

I want to remind you that wine is alive. Yes! It is still alive, changing and breathing in its bottle!

That’s the magic of it! That’s why, for a certain kinds of wine, it is highly recommended that you age it for several years before drinking. It will be more mature and smoother at its « apogée »and therefore ready to show the best in itself!

Let‘s dive into this.

First, you must to understand that your wine needs to have tannins and acidity to age many years. The more it has, the longer you can keep it! Without one of these, it won’t age well. These types of wine are ready to drink now or during the year.

It is important to mention that a wine also needs to be well-balanced to age well. If you’ve got too much acidity, too much tannins, too much sugar, or too much bitterness, then it is not a good wine and won’t age well.

Next, you have to know how long you should keep it. The best way to know it is to ask the winemaker or a specialist in the industry who will give you some insight about the « millesime », or the vintage. Depending of the year, the wine can change a lot.

When you have all of these answers, write down on your cellar booklist which wines you’re keeping for several years. You wouldn’t like to forget about it when it is ready to drink right?

The best way to age a wine

The secrets are: tranquility, darkness and lots of humidity! More than 85%, I would say. Why? Because if the room where you’re keeping your wine is dry, air is going to get inside your bottle and kill your wine. You don’t want that of course! So, just do this. Trust me, I know what I’m speaking about. My dad lost many bottles of wine from Burgundy and Bordeaux, great bottles that were waiting for more than 10 years to be drunk—all dead!

Maybe you have a nice, naturally humid cellar below your house. Or, you might have a special wine fridge. Anything will work if they have the three keys: tranquility, darkness and humidity. So if you don’t have anything yet, remember that the investment is worth it!

One last thing, lay down all of your bottles. The wine always has to be in contact with its cork in order to avoid allowing air inside the bottle, which will kill the wine.

Please let me know your thoughts about this. If you still have any questions about aging, ask me!

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