Alella a wine region worth drinking!

Alella a wine region worth drinking!


We are a few kilometers north of Barcelona, in a small residential town. The sea is beautiful from where we stand, we cannot suspect a vineyard is nearby, and yet…

Alta Alella appears at the end of a narrow street that turns along the way, vines!

This 17 hectare estate is located at the entrance of the Natural Serralada Marina.

The winemaker and owner is a specialist in sparkling wines. He trained in Champagne, then in Italy and worked for many years at Parxet, a producer of Cava well- recognized in the region. He was also the owner of 50% of this vineyard.

The project started backed in 1991, when he bought, with his wife, Cristina, the property and planted 5-6 hectares of Pansa Blanca (Xarel-lo) and Chardonnay.

The first harvest took place in 2001; then, 2008 was the year where he dedicated entirely his work to the estate and acquires new hectares of vines.

Josep Maria and his wife have their house on the estate. They like to say that it is their “castle.” Indeed, as you can appreciate in the picture, Can Genis is a property with modernist reminiscences…


Can genis
Josep Maria loves working with local varieties. He is a supporter of “terroir” and respect of nature; his vineyards also all utilize organic farming techniques and have since their planting in 1991.

It is him, also, who gave back the Mataro in the region having realized it worked well in Australia. This variety had disappeared in Catalonia in the last century because of the ravages of phylloxera.

Alta Alella has several wine ranges:



  • varietal wines
  • wines “of author” or “terroir”
  • cavas with premium cavas in an Alsatian bottle as it used to be in the past did.
  • wines without sulfites
  • Mataro sweet wine, excellent paired with chocolate

The wines are, in my opinion, very well made: pure expression of terroir, minerality, clean.

What I really like about Alta Alella is their sense of hospitality and the fact that they assiduously PRACTICE wine tourism!

They offer all kinds of activities at any time and for any kind of audience.


For example, if you have children, do not deny or refuse them the pleasure of tasting the delicious wines at this wonderful site! The field offers, during the summer, a “Count of the vineyard for children” tour and explanation of the winemaking process told by an artist in Catalan. The storyteller takes children through all stages of wine production. A beautiful and instructive walk!

Yoga classes in the vineyards, cooking classes with a chef in the area, food and wine pairings, Alta Alella has more than one trick up his sleeve to make you spend an unforgettable time at their beautiful site!

In Quebec you will find their wines at restaurants like Toqué, Express, Ciel and Poivre Noir. They are also present at the SAQ with their Cava AA Mirgin which was selected as “exclusive product” in the SAQ Signature.

More information on the area visit their website or their Facebook page!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Did you know the Alella Appellation? Share your experience of this region with us in the section below this article. I would love to here from you, dear wine lover!


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