Want to have an amazing wine journey?

Want to have an amazing wine journey?

amazing wine journeyToday is my birthday!

So for this great day, I want to share with you one of my secrets to have an “amazing wine journey.”

“Amazing” may be something very different for you. We are all unique and so we live and perceive life in our own way.

To me, in order to have an amazing wine journey you have to allow this amazingness to come into your day! You have to be open to the unplanned, unscheduled stuff.

You have to trust life and the unknown. When you are in this state of being, I guarantee that your wine journey will be amazing!

You just have to be present. Here.

Being present means: don’t be in your mind, don’t categorize, don’t stick labels on people, places, events that you see around. Be fully in your 5 senses instead and enjoy it. That’s it!

Okay, I hear you.

You have to plan a little bit. You may have planned to go to this awesome wine bar in town that your friends won’t stop telling you about or to this wine region that you always dreamed about going to…

So plan it. Then go there and be present.

Trust me, being in this state will make wonderful things happen in your wine journey!

First, you will see everything in a different way. You will be more relaxed and open to the fun and you will also be more curious. Being this way will help you remember more about your experience that you will share with your friends when back home.

Second, you will be more open to the unplanned. And that’s where the greatness of your trip comes in. You may meet someone who will tell you something that will make a big difference in your wine journey or discover a place that you love that you didn’t know at all until now.

Third and last, you will taste your wine much better. 😉

So make it a trial. Why not?

Be open to what Life can bring to you in your wine experience!

And tell me about what you experienced below this article! I would love to hear it!!

Remember, wine is fun and is one of life’s great pleasures.

Cheers to your wine journey!
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