How to fast-track your wine knowledge and have lots of fun with your friends?

How to fast-track your wine knowledge and have lots of fun with your friends?

wine tastingHey, how are you today? I know that if you’re following me up until now it’s because you love drinking wine and having experiences with it, when you can.

Am I right?

And I totally agree with you, wine is great fun!

You want to know more about it but you want to have fun too… so let’s organize a blind wine tasting party!

What? A blind tasting? What does that mean?

It means that you ask each of your friends to bring over a bottle of wine, but with the label concealed, so as for it to be drunk “blind”. You can use your own socks to hide it or just aluminum paper – either work great – the only thing you have to do is to put a number on it. That’s it!

If you want to go further, you can add a dish that you think will pair amazingly with it! Your party is ready and you will have lots of fun, trust me, I’ve done this for many years and I’m still doing it. Why? Because it’s fun and a great way to put your palate, nose and memory to practice!

In my article, How to drink wine like a pro, I was explaining to you that wine tasting is personal and that you have to develop your palate, and your nose in order to start being good at it.

Why not organize a blind-tasting party to have fun and put your wine tasting skills into practice?

You will discover many wines and have lots of fun!

How does it work?

Once everything is ready; you have some ‘blind’ bottles of wine, wine glasses, great company, some finger food on the side and good music on in the background, you can start by asking yourself and each of your friends about the first wine:

  • Which grape variety is this wine made of? Is it just one variety or is it a blend?
  • Which country this wine is from?
  • Looking at the color, which vintage could it be?
  • If you’re a bit more advanced, which wine region is it from, or, which appellation?
  • You could go on and on, depending of your knowledge!

Some tips:

  • I would recommend you to have at least one or two friends that know a bit more than you do about wine. We always learn more and quicker with people who do know more about us, right?
  • Propose a theme for the evening; your wine party could be just about « rosé » wines or, about a specific grape variety such as « chardonnay » or, a wine region like « Tuscany ».
  • While tasting your wine, remember the 3 steps described on my article about wine tasting. And do it. You can use a notebook if you want to make it a bit more « pro », but there’s no obligation to.
  • You can also play with the wine and food pairing if you decided to do so.
  • You could keep all the wines ‘blind’ until the end of the night and sort them by your own preferences. You will have great surprises! Studies show that people generally start appreciating a wine before even drinking it when they know what they’re drinking. It will amaze you that sometimes the most expensive wines are not the « favorite » ones! 😉
  • Start with a normal glass of wine and then when you’re starting to get very good at it, purchase those famous black glasses!! It is said that without seeing the colors some people mixed up between red and white! Worth a try!

Remember that knowledge comes with practice. Create good and smart habits that will help you start to become a wine connoisseur.

Wine is fun and one of life’s great pleasures so enjoy the session!!

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