Music & Wine for November ’15

Music & Wine for November ’15

Winter is almost here, it’s cold and grey but let’s keep smiling, let’s keep laughing, let’s be happy oh oh oh oh ha … and everything will be all right!

What’s better than this wine from Puglia, south-east Italy: a strong and full-bodied wine to warm you up during the cold days to come?

This wine, called “Puer Apuliae” from the DOC Castel del Monte, is made with 100% Nero di Troia, an almost-forgotten grape variety.

The story tells that Puer Apuliae, or “Son of Apulia,” was called this way because of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, who was the 13th century Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. He loved the Puglia region so much that he made it his summer residence and built the majestic “Castel del Monte » that you can see in the picture. “Nero di Troia » is the most representative indigenous black grape variety in this region.

So let’s be happy, let’s keep smiling and let’s enjoy this wine of considerable character and style with purple red color and soft chocolate, ripe cherry, espresso, spice and blackberry aromas while listening to Doris Day!


  • Name: Let’s Keep Smiling
  • Artist: Doris Day


  • Name: Puer Apuliae
  • Grape variety: 100% Nero di Troia
  • Vintage: 2009
  • Winery: Rivera
  • Region: Puglia (DOC Castel del Monte)
  • Country: Italy

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