Music & Wine for Summer ’16

Music & Wine for Summer ’16

It can be heard beneath the sounds of Khawetna, this joyful and sparkly song inviting you to party. That’s why I propose that you enjoy this black Grenache Spanish wine during the summer season. Get caught by Chakib’s voice; this singer has a nomadic heart and an insatiable curiosity! He will convince you to move your body with his team of gifted musicians!

He tells you the story of two brothers. One is in Algeria; the other one has left the country. The one who stayed tried to convince his brother to stay with him, reminding him of all these delightful moments spent together, all his friends that he still has there, and all the time they played music together….

This delicious and playful Grenache, with intense colour, a nose full of warmth, and notes of cherries and currants, stays very fresh on your palate. It will give you, for sure, a lot of pleasure.  On sale at SAQ.

Nomad’Stones is a group from Montreal who aims to mix different types of music together! If you enjoy Khawetna, have a look at the others songs on their YouTube page, and keep track of their future concerts via their Facebook page!


  • Name: Khawetna (our brother’s)
  • Artist: Nomad’Stones


  • Name: Buil & Giné – Priorat 2013
  • Grapes varieties: 67% Grenache, 33% Carignan
  • Vintage: 2013
  • Winery: Buil & Giné
  • Region: Catalonia (Appellation Priorat)
  • Country: Spain
  • Price at SAQ: 22,10 $

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