Did you ever have an ‘aromatic orgasm’?

Did you ever have an ‘aromatic orgasm’?

aromatic orgasmYou love wine.

If you do, you may love food too.

Wine & Food work together don’t you agree with me?

But what if you could find the perfect match or ‘pairing’? Some say that when you achieve the ‘perfect pairing’, it’s almost like having an ‘aromatic affair or orgasm’!

Did you ever have an ‘aromatic orgasm’?

I did. 😉

It’s all about finding the balance!

If you haven’t read yet my article about finding the balance, you can find it here.

My role here is not to tell you which kind of wine goes best with certain dishes. I believe that wine pairing is personal and that the best pairings are realized when you try to create them by yourself. In order to be able to do so, you have to experiment and this is where the fun comes in!!

Think about it for a moment, you’ve got a nice sweet wine from Germany. If you drink it with a desert, which is what many people do in general, it will add more sweetness to both your dessert and your wine, which will start to become way too much, yuck!

Remember that in general contrary pairings work wonderfully well. Your objective here is to find the balance.

If you pair two of the same flavours, e.g. sweet wine with sweet food. Which result will you get? Sweetness and more sweetness! Not a balance.

However, a sweet white wine with a salty smelly cheese, may work wonderfully!
Understand that the balance is on the palate first. It’s all about sensations: sour, bitter, sweet, salty, umami (head here for more information about this).

Some basics that are good to know:

  • Acidity, sour goes well with acidity. Imagine it, if your wine has less acidity than the food you’re having, it will taste flat. Logical right?
  • Bitter and heavy, fat works. That’s the famous heavy, fat red wine with a big piece of steak.
  • Sweet and salty pair great. That’s the example given earlier. This works well with asian food also!
  • Acidity and fat work as well. Acid will lighten up the heaviness coming from the wine or food and will create a balance.
  • Flavour intensity. They must match and not take over one another. In general, an intensely flavoured food with an intensely flavoured wine will not work as they will overpower each another. It can kill your great wine or dish! So be careful, I have been deceived many times in the past with this one.

Keep all of these basics in mind when doing/creating your pairing.

So now, give it a try! There is no good or bad way to do it, just have fun and experiment!

Share your experience of this week’s exercise with me, I would love to hear about it!

Remember wine is fun and is one of life’s great pleasures.



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