Philémon bar in the old Montréal

Philémon bar in the old Montréal


Do you know this wine bar? I love their wine selection; I always make great discoveries there. And last Thursday, with the Wine Lovers in Montréal, we found these two rosés that are really excellent!

Start with this one; it is perfect to cool off after a hot afternoon.

This rosé from the Trentino region in Italy made from Cabernet Sauvignon grape is a biodynamic wine.


Riflesso Rosi 2014

Eugenio Rosi, the winemaker, is it seems a really amazing artist of wine! This is an original and one of the key figures in the Dolomitici organization which has 10 artisan winemakers of Trentino. Their mission is to promote natural and eco-responsible wines in their region.

Its wines are never the same from one year to another; it tastes differently depending on when and where you open them. They are alive and delicious wines! And it confirms the pink! Produced from concentrated grape vines with very low yields, greedy, full of flavor and very refreshing, you have another glass enthusiastically! A delight ! Cheers Eugenio!


Look at this pretty salmon color! Amazing isn’t it? This is the Papillon Rosé wine 2014 from Henri Milan! Rosé unfiltered, developed with delicacy to keep the best possible aromatic complexity! A real pleasure!

The philosophy of Henry? Assisting the vine: “It gives us fruit, and we make a parcel of eternity. No machines, no process, no addition is necessary”.

According to the winemaker, the primary condition is organic farming,”you receive from the vine and any plant in general, what you give to it”.


Rosé Papillon 2014

Henri Milan took on his father vineyards in Saint Rémy de Provence about 30 years ago. His goal: creating the “Romani Conti of the south”. From the start, he is committed to making his wine as naturally as possible by reducing any chemicals. Today he is proud to tell, his wines are “naturals.”

The butterfly was chosen to show the ephemeral side of the wine, like a butterfly that lives only one day. This rosé wine is very fresh with notes of red fruits on an herbs de Provence background. It is a blend of Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, and Muscat small grains, Rolle and Roussanne it will delight your palate. A gourmet rosé!

You will find it in private imports at Glou agency and both wines at Philémon if they still have some bottles left.

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