Did you know there is some Riesling in Chile?

Did you know there is some Riesling in Chile?

RieslingToday we’re traveling to Chile!

Chile is a country that we will hear about more often in the very near future concerning wine, trust me! For more information about this land, read my article about it here.

Chile in a few words:

  • Country of the extremes (diverse climate and big temperature changes between day and night).
  • Savior of the Carménère grape (an old grape from the Bordeaux region in France).
  • More than 70% of the grapes are black (mostly Cabernet Sauvignon).
  • Paradise for viticulture (ideal conditions to produce wine).

But Chile is not only making red wines…

Few people know that Chile is also producing wonderful white wines from cool climate regions. Yes, Chile is not only hot and warm; keep in mind there is a huge, cold ocean along the Chilean coast: The Pacific!!

I love this wine from Casa Marín winery: Miramar Vineyard Riesling 2013.

People say that Casa Marín is the closest winery to the ocean in all Latin America. This tiny winery is the result of a woman’s dream and today makes one of the best whites in Chile! In 2000, María Luz Marín, a successful businesswoman in the bulk wine industry, purchased 25 hectares in a little town called Lo Abarca, not far from San Antonio. It was a unique terroir in a cool climate vineyard. Today, Casa Marin accounts for about 46 hectares of vines and its wines are part of the best premium wines of Chile. María Luz has two sons. One of them, Felipe, works with her at the winery making his own wine brand and the other one, Nicolas, is in charge of the winery’s logistics and operations. One of the winery’s mottos is « treat each of your visitors as if he is part of the family! » Surprisingly, they are not making any Chardonnay, as María Luz and Felipe don’t like this grape variety.

Casa Marín sells most of its wines abroad (about 90% of the production!!). If you’re interested in tasting their wines, check this page out, or maybe you could find them in your own country?


This wine is 100% Riesling with a nose similar to the Riesling that we can find in Alsace, France. It’s already fantastic to drink now, but you can keep it at least for the next 10 years, as it’ll continue to grow and develop magnificently.

I will pair it with a spicy meal or a typical German food. What would you do?

Riesling is a light-skinned, aromatic grape originally from Germany. For most people (many wine critics and also to my point of view), Riesling is one of the world’s finest white grape varieties.

San Antonio Valley is a small wine region located to the west of the capital, Santiago. Today the region produces quality Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

If you’re planning to travel to this beautiful country in the near future, don´t think twice: get the “Wine Experience in Chile e-guide now. It has just been released and will make THE big difference in your wine journey there! Visit this page for more information.

As always, I love hearing from you!! Did you ever have a Riesling from Chile? Do you like this grape variety? Share with us in the section below.

Remember, wine is fun and is one of life’s great pleasures!


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