Terroir creates an identity for wine. Why does terroir make wine so special?

Terroir creates an identity for wine. Why does terroir make wine so special?

TerroirTerroir is a word that we hear often in the wine world, but what does it really mean?

To make it fun and easy to understand, I would like to make a comparison to us as living beings.

Why? Because “terroir” lives as “wine” does too.

Think about it for a moment, how did you create your identity, the one that you have today?

Did you ever think about this? Are you the real you? Are you true to yourself? Or are you being and doing what people or society told you to be or do?

Well, that’s quite similar with wine…

As there are not so many people who live their “true identity,” there are few wines that express beautifully the terroir.

But let’s start explaining what terroir IS:

Terroir is the whole of what will make your wine unique. Terroir is giving an identity to your wine.

Think first about where your wine comes from:

Where do the grapes of your wine come from? Which vineyard? Where is it located? Which kind of soil is it? Which weather did this particular vineyard have during the vintage (year of harvest) of your wine? Is it a cold or warm place? Is it a vineyard on slopes or in a flat valley? What is surrounding of this vineyard? Poppy fields or a loud motorway?

Then, comes the people behind wine

The viticulturist, the winemaker, the ones who helps nature to make this great work happen: giving birth to wine! How do they work? Do they work in respect to nature or do they use many chemical products to save time and ensure that they will have many kilograms of grapes for their next vintage and be able to sell many bottles of wine!!?

Each place has its own way of making wine, it’s what we call “Tradition”. Each wine region, or place, has its own tradition around winemaking and vineyard work. This is part of terroir as well.


Now it’s your turn!

Where do you come from, in which family did you grow up, which language do you speak? Did you go to university?

How did you manage all of who you became today? Are you true to yourself, to your own nature? Are you listening to it or just trying to be someone else?

Interesting comparison, right?

Hope that you’re looking at terroir in a new way now!

Think about this while enjoying one of your favourite glasses of wine and please share what comes out of this below this article. I would love to hear it!!

Remember, wine is fun and is one of life’s great pleasures!

Cheers to that,

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